Friday Linky List - 11 December 2015

From The Guardian: Top tips to joyfully declutter your home from Marie Kondo

From Atlas Obscura via Fantasy Glasgow: C.S. Lewis' Greatest Fiction: Convincing American Kids That They Would Like Turkish Delight

From The Paris Review: Illustrations from East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Kay Nielsen

Hybrid animals by Sarah Deremer - awesome!

From ALCS News (via SCBWI British Isles): Interview: Susan Hill on the art of writer reinvention.

From Notes from the Slush Pile: How to be Discovered by Candy Gourley

At BBC Radio: Colin Burrow on Fantasies for Children

At Tin House: On Pandering

From Notes from the Slushpile via SCBWI British Isles: The Fellowship of Writing

At Jane Friedman (via SCBWI Belgium): The Big Reason Why Agents and Editors Often Stop Reading

At Marcy Kennedy (via SCBWI Southeast Scotland): Four Techniques to Show Rather than Tell

From SCBWI British Isles: David Fickling on What are publishers for? (video)

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