Gocco Printing at the ECA!

In between my traditional screen printing sessions, I also went to an induction (training) for Gocco Printing. This is a slightly different method in that the screens are burned to a different substrate that allows variations in value/shading. So you can screen print a full value piece of art. (Regular screen printing is flat color.) It is also different in that the screens are smaller and more portable/easy to set up in small spaces. So we held our meeting in our studio meeting space.
     Our workshop leader was George Douglas. He showed us how to mount our screens to frames.

The next steps were similar to traditional screen printing, albeit much smaller. We applied ink to our screens.
Classmates Catherine and Ailsa's images turned out well on just a few tries.
But I have to admit, my first attempts were TERRIBLE!
So I began again. I cleaned my screen, remounted it, used black ink, a different squeegee, and different paper. This time it came together, so I went ahead and printed my quote on my traditionally screen printed splotches. I was so pleased with the way they turned out!

Next step - back to the print studio for more color variations and more quotes!

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