Screen Printing at the ECA!

The piece I created for our museum trip inspired a completely new project. I've been wanting to get into the print lab to experiment with screen printing and this project created the perfect opportunity. Here was the inspiration piece again:
I decided to create a series - using gouache and india ink on heavy tracing paper to create marks and write some of my favorite quotes.
I gave these paintings to the print department and they had the screens burned (that takes a day to turn around). The next day, I headed over for a private induction session with Mark Fenning again. (He's the one who walked me through relief printing a few weeks ago.) It's a nice set-up!
I mixed colors using my personal color palette. Then I made several experimental mark prints (I'm calling them splotches). I did some in straight color, and some layered with transparent ink. I'll go back to create more versions. (I couldn't do all the paint colors at once.)
     Then I printed one of the quotes onto some of the prints. I'll mix and match these more too.
I set them on the rack to dry as I finished them.
I'll show you the finished pieces soon, but first, I'll do more experimenting. For now, this is all about process and trying new things!
     Well, sort of new things. I'd forgotten that we used to screen print all the clothing samples when I worked at an apparel company in my early career. I used to love going home with paint up to my elbows - it makes me feel like an artist! (Have you noticed I'm feeling a lot more of that these days?)

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