Holiday Friends!

The holidays here in Edinburgh have meant getting together with friends - how nice! To kick it all off, fellow MFA student and my good friend Catherine - we had our own private 'fall apart' party at the semester's end over wine and mussels!
Some friends came from out of town - Jen, Adam and their sweet daughter Josie who moved from Atlanta to London about six months before we headed to Edinburgh.
They came north to explore our fair city for a long weekend. We went to dinner at L'escargot Bleu - fabulous! And to "The Scotch Whiskey Experience," which, I must say, you have not truly experienced until your friend adds a little water to her whisky (as you should) from a sippy cup!
Then there were the parties! Fellow MFA student Chiho invited some of us over for a Japanese feast. And what a great mix of people it ended up being, with Uni students from all over campus, some former roommates, and some travelers from around the globe.
(Click an image to see it larger in a new window.)

Going around the table from the front, that's Catherine, Daniel, Hiro, Maja, Nico, Sylvia, Chiho, Boris, Justin and Graham.
The apartment has been home to students for many years, so musical instruments are scattered around in various stages of disrepair. Some of the guys, Daniel, Hiro, Nico, and Chiho tried to tune a broken guitar to no avail.
Graham from California made beautiful music for us on his kevlar (?) violin. Here he is playing Bach. What a treat!
And last night, we attended a party at Rosie and Dick's (didn't get any photos there, but had a blast). And today, we'll catch up with some friends traveling from the states. What a nice way to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


laurasalas said...

Love these pics! Happy Holidays, and how fabulous that you've got a great community to celebrate with.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks Laura! Yes, I'm feeling very lucky this year! :)