George Saunders On Writing

This has some adult language in it, but it's some sound writing advice from author George Saunders. Click the image to check it out.


Marilyn M. M. said...

Elizabeth, So happy to see this post. Our daughter has just completed a short film based on George Saunders' short story "Victory Lap." She wrote the script and directed the film. We'll go up for a "Friends and Family" showing in NYC in May. He has been most supportive of her work. Have you seen his writing about kindness?
I certainly connect to his experience of having characters speak to tell their stories. And it is encouraging to hear again that it is fine to not know where a story is going while it is being written.
As you can see, I am catching up on some of your posts.
Marilyn M.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Very cool, Marilyn! If it ends up online somewhere, will you please send me the link? And no, I've not seen his writing about kindness, I'd be interested in that too! Cheers! e