21 Days of Resistence

This topic deserves its own post. From Bustle, I came across "20 Picture Books About Diversity, Politics, And Equality For The Young Activists In Your Life." But even better, it turns out Bustle is running a full-on campaign of resistance-related books. (Click this image.)
As they say,
"Although its our instinct to protect children from the harsh realities of the world, it's even more important to teach them to face it head-on and with a full heart. But talking about the difficult topics with young people, the complicated ones like racism, sexism, equality, isn't easy. It's hard to know where to start or how much detail to go into, and even more impossible to predict what kinds of questions you'll get after.
      That's where picture books come in. They are versatile tools that can be used to start a conversation about things like civil rights, equality, and prejudice. Whether it's an inspiring true story or a meaningful fictional tale, picture books can provide an introduction to important issues every citizen should be informed about, no matter their age. Not to mention, they make debating, questioning, and discussing the "tough stuff" an engaging and fun activity that the right readers will turn into a life-long habit."
I couldn't agree more and hope you'll check out these titles to gear of for some resistance of your own!

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