In Search of Pho

One of the few things I've missed here in Edinburgh is Vietnamese Pho. Before we left Atlanta, Stan and I had become addicts of the huge bowls of soup with a plate of fresh herbs, bean sprouts and lime wedges on the side. Drizzle in some hoisin sauce or siracha sauce and it made a grey Sunday meal into pure heaven.
     Unfortunately, for as seriously international Edinburgh is, there's not a large Vietnamese contingency here. So I've been missing Pho!
     I did find a mom & pop place that make a Pho-like soup near Haymarket a while back. The restaurant is half gallery, half restaurant, half living room. We felt like we were being invited into somebody's home. In fact, the man worked at a nearby table while his wife made us lunch. I perused some of the items for sale while she did. I especially loved the lotus lamps.

     Then, finally after months of cravings, my Pho Ga (basically chicken noodle soup) arrived!
     And yeah. No. It wasn't what we used to get in the states, no side plate of herbs. It was good. But not my idea of a proper Pho.
     It's now a year later, and I have finally found proper PHO-GA! That said, I have to travel to Glasgow to get it. Not a prob as I'll be over there a good bit for my PhD studies and it's right near the train station. It's called Non Viet on Sauchiehall Street, and I have finally found my fix! YES!
It was a massive bowl of goodness with all sorts of fresh yummies on the side and hoisin sauce to drizzle in. Add to that, the green tea was a pot of loose tea - absolutely wonderful. It was all so good, I "mmmmm'd" all the way through my meal and the staff were giggling at me. (But smiling - how nice to have somebody appreciate your food as much as I did!) Needless to say, I will be there a LOT! YUM!

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