Cards for Friends

You've seen the cards I've made for friends with pencil and pen. Lately, as I've grown more comfortable with watercolors, I've been adding color. Like to this card of two bluebirds of happiness for my Doc who was away for several months after losing her husband unexpectedly.
And this one for my friends Marta, Ash and Pedro who have moved into a new home.
It was funny making this one as my idea of what 'home' looks like is very different over here than it was in the states. Indeed, I don't know any homes in the states with views like this:
I like making these, and I also use them as a bit of an experiment. These were drawn, then sealed with spray-fix, then hit with a layer of Matte-Medium before painting. I'd heard this was a good way to seal a drawing and still get the nice reaction of the paper that you want with watercolor. Not sure I agree it worked, but I did try it with a painting for Crow Not Crow and it seemed to work well on that one. Interesting!

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