University of Glasgow Freshers Week

It's Freshers Week at the University of Glasgow. Yes, that is sunshine.
I took the train over on Wednesday to get my student ID card and get some other things in shape, and was met with the buzz of a campus-full of new students being pitched all the various student organizations/clubs and pizza!
I experienced the same thing at the University of Edinburgh when I was first starting out two years ago. But this time, I get to wander halls that look like this.
And grounds that look like this.
Truly, the University of Glasgow is absolutely stunning.
Imagine walking around a corner to happen upon a staircase as gorgeous as this. It took my breath away.
The statue is of James Dalrymple, a rather astute gentleman with a worthy history.
What a treat it will be to discover this campus - and this city! As I headed back to the subway (subway to the train), I noticed this little alley, Ashton Lane, with this intriguing building at the end of it. I had to go see what it was.
Turns out it was a pub, with this lovely sign. Your guess is as good as mine - is it a menu? A list of bands? A list of businesses? I've no idea.
People kept walking past me, so I knew the street must lead to something. Turns out, this will be one of my shortcuts getting to campus from the subway. Oh yeah.


Jane Yolen said...

I love your discoveries. My ideas about Glasgow have always been those of grime and the Dour. You have shown me something different.

St Andrews University is a few years older than Glasgow University, but Glasgow's seems more surprisingly beautiful. Or else I am just too used to StA.


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Well truly, this was my first trip to Glasgow with sunshine, so I understand where the dour comes from! But the campus - wow! The funny thing is, I'd been over a few times already and didn't know that there was anything behind the main building. That's where all this gorgeousness was hiding! :) e

Robbie said...

The Ubiquitous Chip is world famous! Google it!

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Hooweee Robbie - it looks good! And EXPENSIVE! {8-°