12 Days of Christmas in Georgia - Board Book!!!

OMG I'm on a roll!!! Sterling Children's Books has turned The 12 Days of Christmas in Georgia, written by Susan Rosson Spain and illustrated by Yours Truly, into a wee Board Book!!!
To age it down, they removed the longer non-fiction text from each spread and just shared the song, which is perfect for little ones to sing along with! You can see how that works in this open spread with one new piece of artwork I did to keep the book up to date. How fun was it to draw dinosaurs!!!
I also love the little info page at the end which gives you just enough information to learn more if you like.
I asked Sterling to send me only one copy here in Scotland as I didn't think there would be much of a market for it here. But I'll have a box like Susan's waiting for me when I get to Hollins University next summer! (Here's Susan's box.)
I love seeing my books branching off in new ways, engaging even more kids - it's so exciting!

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