Cambridge: Punting the Cam!

Karen and I had time to wander before the conference, so she insisted that we go "Punting the Cam." This is the old tradition of making your way down the river in a shallow, flat-bottomed boat, guided by a pole pushing you off the bottom. It's a touristy thing to do, yes, but oh, is it worth it!!

They load about a dozen people in each boat to head out on the leisurely journey. Our guides are students from nearby colleges - never from Cambridge as they are not allowed to work during their studies. Our guide was actually a medical student and a very good story-teller.

What's nice about these tours is it's the only way to see the grand backsides of some of the most famous buildings in Cambridge, for instance, the Wren Library.

Or St Johns College.

The front was amazing, but apparently even this richest college in the city ran out of money during construction, so, built the back with bricks, which they then covered with a variety of ivy called "Blazing Ivy" because it turns red in the fall - which inspired the name of the jackets the students wore - the red "blazer". (So said our guide - true?)

You can rent smaller boats and punt yourself, but honestly, it looks like a lot of work.

And how would you know what you were seeing anyhow?

You also go under some amazing bridges.

Including this one they've named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice - although this bridge was crossed to find out one's final grades.
Truly, if you ever make it to Cambridge, you really should go Punting the Cam. I just hope you have as beautiful a day as we did!!!

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