Civil Rights in Rock Hill

Rock Hill is famous for the Friendship Nine.
In fact, the diner is still here on Main Street, fully stocked, and just waiting for some restaurant entrepreneur to step in and bring it back to life. Will that be you, I hope?
     Meanwhile, the town is making a point to honor those who have had a positive impact on the town with a list of women and men, black and white, on the sidewalk called 'Freedom Walkway.' Happily, there's plenty of room for lots more names.
In fact, the light-post banners welcoming visitors to Rock Hill claim it is “A city that has no room for racism.”
     Downtown Rock Hill is obviously in the hands of some very forward-thinking people. It's one of the reasons I was interested in moving here. Not only is 'Old Town' - Main Street - adorable, there are bits of poetry scattered about...
And memorials are everywhere, honoring those who had previously been left out of the history books.
It makes me proud to think I might be able to be a part of this forward motion as this town grows. In fact, I think we moved here at just the right time - there are breweries and new businesses popping up everywhere; they just started a FREE electric bus system for folks to get around; and then there are the free bikes, new housing, refurbished housing. Rock Hill simply has a great and exciting energy to it and I'm thrilled to be here!

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