Winthrop University - First Day of School!

Today I begin my new life as Associate Professor of Illustration at Winthrop University! I have a week-full of meetings, orientations, training, and even a convocation for which I will be wearing formal academic robes - I can't wait!
     To prepare, I've been moving into my new office, wandering the buildings to figure out where everything is, and walking around this beautiful campus.
     My world will be made up of two main buildings - McLaurin Hall, where the Department of Design is housed and where my office is, and the Rutledge Building, which houses the museum and most classrooms.
     In front of McLaurin is this wonderful sculpture of chairs.
     I love what these chairs represent. To me, they stand for goals that should be accessible to everyone, but in reality, can be extremely hard to achieve for many. To my mind, it will be my job to make sure that all chairs (possibilities) are accessible to all of those who want to sit in them, no matter their economic, cultural, or ethnic backgrounds. It's a strong goal and one that I hope to do right by - wish me luck!!
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