Lovely Rock Hill - Our New Home!

Stan pointed out that in Edinburgh, we lived in 'New Town' because it was built in the 1700s, while in Rock Hill, we live in 'Old Town' because it was built in the late 1800s. HA! I love the irony. No matter. We are so enjoying exploring our new home in South Carolina! To keep our footprint small, we live right on Main Street, overlooking sculptures made by Winthrop students...
and the free city bicycles, which we've already used!
We're right across the street from the public library, which I LOVE.
And where many of my friends are waiting for me - here's a picture book by Katie Davis.
My library card was even illustrated by Will Hillebrand who I interviewed a while back.
Sadly, we missed The Blind Boys of Alabama at the City Hall/ampitheater...
but more concerts are coming and we'll probably be able to hear them from our balcony (or watch them from the roof - we must explore that option).
Rock Hill is actually filled with outdoor ampitheaters. There's the one at Fountain Park, just a block or so away.

Here's Stan with the fountain doing it's thing...

and the ampitheater itself. (I'm having to make myself spell theater instead of theatre - HA!)
The one at The White House, also within walking distance.
Walking around this town is a joy - so much thought has been put into breathing wonderful life into it... more on that tomorrow!

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