Rock Hill's Glencairn Garden

One of the things that sold me on moving to Rock Hill to teach at Winthrop University is the gorgeous Glencairn Garden.
It's a well-designed and thoughtful public space just east of campus.
So close, in fact, there's a designated teaching area in the garden.
In hot South Carolina, water cools people off both temperature-wise and visually.

Can you see Stan all cooled off in this photo?
Water features run throughout the garden, stacked and reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Waters.
The ponds at the bottom of the lovely waterfalls have become eco-systems for all manner of wildlife from birds to bullfrogs. It had been quite a while since I heard one and it sure did sound happy!

Did I mention it was open to the public? What a treasure it is! And it's especially friendly to children.
There's a Victory Garden just for them.
Inside are theme gardens like the pizzagarden...
And the butterfly garden, which I've learned is especially important as the Carolinas are on the migration path for Monarch Butterflies! I'm thinking of planting a small butterfly garden on my balcony as part of the "Butterfly Highway" - how wonderful!
Best yet, Glencairn Garden is within walking distance to our new flat - what a treat!

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