Friday Links List and Illustrators' Treehouse News - 3 January 2020

From Hyperallergic: Happy Public Domain Day! Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is Copyright Free

From The Bookseller: Wordsworth's Dove Cottage to reopen in April after £6.2m restoration

From Down East: Ashley Bryan and the Art of Peace

From BuzzFeed (via PW): The 30 Best YA Books Of The Decade

From Electric Lit: Our Favorite Essays About Rethinking Children’s Books

From BookRiot: Roughing it in Science Fiction and Fantasy (Follow this up by reading Joseph Campbell's ideas on The Hero's Journey in The Hero With a Thousand Faces)

From Brightly: Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More This Year

From Nathan Bransford: A lot can change in a decade and yet…

From SLJ: An Updated Look at Diversity in Children's Books

From Frank Cho: Drawing Demo (Thanks to Chad for the link)

From Drexel Now: At Any Skill Level, Making Art Reduces Stress Hormones

From Tega Cay: They are in search of a water tower design - inspiration available at Tank3D

From Urban Sketchers: Drawing Attention January 2020

From The Mint Museum Charlotte: Under Construction: Collage from The Mint Museum

From Muddy Colors: This Month in Covers also, MONSTERS OF THE HOLIDAY FEAST SERIES

From Chris Dunn: 'Telling Tales' and other artworks

From CommArts: Eleanor Shakespeare: A London-based illustrator specializing in photomontage has pieced together her moral stance and creative skills.

From The Art Room Plant: Adrian Sykes

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