A Week of Teaching and Learning

Classes wrapped up at Winthrop University two weeks ago. Then came the meetings, and the grading, and the evaluations. Much discussion is going on as to what Fall semester will look like. No answers yet, although we are thinking ahead. The university has offered us all WOTC courses (Winthrop Online Teaching Certification) for free, which is very nice and very smart. Tons of us are taking it in preparation for whatever. So, although I used Blackboard pretty heavily before, I'm learning how to use it even more thoroughly now. Just in time to switch to Moodle for summer teaching at Hollins University (where we will also be online). By the end of it all, I imagine I will be an expert with these online teaching environments!
     I'm not alone. Lots of art teachers are doing this. In fact, I met with a group of art teachers from across the country the other day. Jennifer Printz of Florida International University in Miami, Florida (formerly of Hollins U, which is how we met) put this gathering together. (Thank you, Jennifer!) In attendance were Jennifer, Laura Gleissner of Upper Iowa University, Ben Diller of Southeastern Louisiana University, Rachel Hayes of Concordia University Irvine, Amy Schissel of the University of Miami, and myself. We talked about various methods we're using to teach online—what worked, what didn't, and what we could try going forward. I gathered some great tips, but was also heartened at how many of us had responded to the sudden shift in teaching in similar ways.
     Meanwhile, I'm also creating more "e's art tips" videos to plug into my courses (wherever they are) as mini-lectures that I would give at some point anyway. They make good demos for my students, and for the general public as well. I do hope you'll subscribe, as I'd like to monetize my channel at some point, but need 1,000 subscribers to do so!
     So! All said, it's been a busy week!

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