Stan's Samosas

Stan has been on a baking spree during this lock-down, like so many others. While he has yet to make sourdough bread, he has made everything else under the sun. The other day, it was samosas!
He started with this recipe by Vindi of "My Love of Baking". Vindi called them empanadas, but Stan stuffed them with a classic vegetarian, curry, Indian mix, so he called them samosas. Call them pasties, or hot pockets, or whatever! It seems almost all countries/cultures have some variety of these dough pockets of joy. Stan channeled his Polish background of making pierogies as he put them together. The kitchen was covered with flour as he tried to get the knack for these things.
He's certain next time he does this it will go more smoothly now that he's done this once. Stan kept the fish out of the recipe and topped his samosas with roasted sesame seeds. He also created a dipping sauce - a tomato and curry concoction that he can't recall how he made - HA! (The tamed jalapeños were a lovely addition.) At any rate, the finished samosas were delicious and fun to eat, and the recipe made a bunch of them (Stan froze half), so we get to enjoy the meal all over again sometime soon.

Note: For those of you who recall that I was dairy and gluten free, we have found it impossible to maintain both in this small town. And since dairy is the worse of the two, gluten is back in. My body doesn't love it, but my taste-buds sure do! And during this pandemic, I'm inclined to let my taste buds win.

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