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I get asked questions a lot about copyright - who owns it, who has a right to use what. I recently learned about this video of Copyright on Campus that is extremely helpful in understanding copyright, especially in an educational setting. Click the image to watch at the Copyright Clearance Center:

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Unknown said...

I’m a retired librarian and through most of my career, I educate students and faculty about copyright. CCC does a good job explaining copyright and how to ethically use the work of others in scholarly work. It is important to note that CCC is in the business of the buying and selling of copyrighted material use. Their goal is to make materials accessible to students and faculty while protecting the rights of authors, artists and producers. It does mean, in my opinion, that they are conservative.

I tend to believe that educators and scholars must push the envelope for the ethical use of others in their own work. Those that create these laws are not always on your side. Use of copyrighted materials are not always clear or easy to determine. It requires thoughtful approaches.

Purpose of use is an important factor. Since you are educating scholars AND artists who will have more commercial concerns, the purpose influences the use.

CCC is a good place to start. Also Columbia University, UP/IU, and Stanford have excellent websites. You also have to decide how much risk you can tolerate.

Apparently, I did not get rid of all my soapboxes when I retired. What I say is don’t be afraid. Using the copyrighted materials of others who precede you can inspire you, add to the depth of your thought and experience, and add to both the body of knowledge, and to the world of art.