Laura G. Retires

The professor of book making at Winthrop U, Laura Gardner recently retired. I'm sad about that as she was one of the first people to warmly welcome me to the university and help me learn the ropes. I wish we'd had more time to be actual colleagues. As is, we'll just have to be friends!

One of my other new friends, Paula, hosted a small retirement party for Laura recently. Paula makes everything perfect, and it truly was.
Once again, we gathered in her backyard and sat apart as is the new way. But it was still cozy and magical. (The photos were taken quickly and somewhat awkwardly as we tried to respect social distancing and good composition at the same time!) It was so nice to listen to Laura's friends honor her, but also reminisce on days gone by. Most of them were or are involved with Winthrop in some way, so I learned a lot of history! Mostly, I learned more about Laura and this place I now call home. And it makes me where/how my own retirement will be some day. I hope I'm able to leave a legacy as highly regarded and respected as Laura did!

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