Peach Stand Bimble 2

We headed cross-country past farms and through small towns towards Mr. Jack's Tree Farm. Well, it turned out to be just a small affair, but it was sitting next to a gorgeous lake.
We pulled up just in time to see an enormous blue heron swallow down his fishy lunch. Sadly, I couldn't get a good photo of him. You'll have to take my word for it, he was King of the Lake.
     From there we headed to The Peach Shed on Filbert Highway.
By that time we were a little hungry, so got two hot dogs (steamed buns, fully loaded, not much to look at but pure ambrosia), and a CHEERWINE!
Do you remember Cheerwine? It doesn't get any more old fashioned than that! I haven't had a sugary soda since I can't remember when - might explain why I woke up at 4am. (At least we only split one!)
I really need to get some sunglasses - it was beating down hot! We purchased some jalapeño pickles at The Peach Shed - yum!
     It's been a while since we took a bimble and my head was just turning like crazy looking at the pretty scenery. Being out in the world was a bit odd too. We drove over Lake Wylie and were surprised to see that restaurant on it's shore (that I wrote about HERE) completely crowded - no face masks anywhere. We were also a bit dismayed at our now lack of stamina - we obviously need to get out more often. But for a birthday treat, it was a lovely break from our tumultuous reality for a few hours. And since we returned home before we finished visiting all the peach stands, we have another bimble all set up for next time. I can't wait! (And I'll share then too.)
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