e's art tips: On Scanning, Resolution, and File Formatting

I've created my most complicated video yet - it took a few hours to film and two days to edit, if you can believe it. This one is "On Scanning, Resolution, and File Formatting." These are tricky concepts for my students and takes some in-depth explaining. The lecture I give on this topic is usually in person so that I can repeat ideas with different approaches and answer questions; but, of course, that's not possible in some cases right now. So, I've put my lecture together in a video format, which also allowed me to share examples of what I mean. If you work with scanning and art in any way, this is for you - even for Art Directors who, I've found, sometimes don't understand the nuances of resolution. I'm eager to hear what you think, so please leave comments and subscribe! Click the image to watch on my Youtube channel.
To see the entire collection of e's art tips, go to https://www.youtube.com/user/zabdul/videos.

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