Teaching Online

We're online again and it's mostly going just fine. But Zoom fatigue is a very real thing and I'm not used to trouble-shooting while I'm teaching. So, with two three-hour classes back to back, I get pretty wiped out. Truth be told, I also get a tad bit grumpy. So, my sweet husband bought me flowers to cheer me up. Are these not gorgeous!? The colors of fall are coming in. Although, I have no idea what those stunning little orange, thistle-like things are. Does anyone know? I love my husband.
(Fun Fact: Hubby never buys me roses. I've always believed they were a jinx; because every time a guy ever bought me roses in my life, by the time the roses were dead, so was the relationship!)

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SiskiyouSue said...

Just want to say that I really enjoy your Tuesday blog. I enjoyed it before, but in these days of stay-at-home it is especially welcome to get a glimpse of something outside my own bubble. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and Sasquatch is great!!!