ATL Press Club Party

Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited again to the Atlanta Press Club Holiday Author Party. It's an opportunity for tv, radio, and media people in the Atlanta area to learn about local authors and their latest books (along with bidding for items in a silent auction).
     Well, hubbie ended up with a cold, so couldn't join me. And all the way there I was thinking, this won't be nearly as fun now - I won't know anybody there.
     HA! I walked in to find I knew a TON of the authors - all buds. So I went from Squeal! Hug! to Squeal! Hug! And of course, I didn't get pics with everybody. Like how did Jessica Handler and I not get a picture together? But here I am with my SCBWI peeps PJ Shaw and Donna Bowman:

Here's PJ's and my set-up:

With interested visitors!

And I had the fun, rare opportunity to hang with some of my adult author peeps too. Here I am with Karin Slaughter and Hollis Gillespie:

     Also there were Mimi Schroeder of Max Communications; Kolinda Scialabba of the Gwinnett County Schools; Media Escort Esther Levine; former owner of Chapter 11, Vivian Lawand; Library Manager James Taylor; author Don O'Briant; and author Susan Rebecca White.

     Thanks to Wil Ennis of B&N for supplying so many of my books (they asked me to sign them all!) and to Lauri Strauss, the Executive Director of the Atlanta Press Club for the kind invitation.
     I love events like these - they end up being a great opportunity to catch up with friends while celebrating everybody's successes. And I even won a beautiful hand-blown glass vase in the silent auction - yay!


Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Opps, that was me, Vicky. Accidentally posted under Aliya's email account. Sorry!

A. said...

Looks like you had a blast! And here you were worried....

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Ha! :) e