Find the RIGHT Agent

Looking for an agent? I have two new tools for you today...

Per Publishers Weekly, WEbook Launches AgentInBox to Connect Authors and Agents Online. WeBook, an online writer's community, is offering a new service for writers to narrow down their search for an appropriate agent - AgentInBox. Agents sign up (free) to have their criteria posted and have qualified submissions forwarded to them (there are eight agencies so far - I'm betting mostly for the adult market). Writers can submit their queries and after being vetted as a qualified submission (properly formatted, query matches submission, etc.) their submissions will be forwarded to the appropriate agent. What a fabulous idea! I hope we see more of this - especially for the children's book market. Not sure it's a good tool for our genre just yet, but I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

AuthorAdvance is in beta but looks like it could also be a good tool. I'm not sure it's so much search engine as it is information on agents you're researching, but it looks interesting. My agent is in there too!

Good luck! :) e


LJ said...

Great links E. So many new authors have agent nightmares! Nice that you are reaching out and giving tips.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks LJ! People should be sure to check out too for agent listings and blogs!

Michelle Henninger said...

That would be a great tool! Thanks for sharing!