Office Invaders!

How's a girl supposed to get any work done? Boots has decided my wacom tablet makes a lovely sunning area right underneath my desk lamp. And yes, she sometimes hits the buttons just so and contributes to whatever work I'm trying to do (the final spread for The 12 Days of Christmas in Georgia is onscreen). And Bernie has decided I need TWO footrests. Which means I don't always get to scooch in like I need to....
I'm surrounded by fuzzy love.


Lisa Jacobi said…
Compared to most work-mates, we think you have it really, really good. :-)
Teresa Kravtin said…
If I reject Miles (our cat) from my lap while I'm trying to work, he sometimes hops over to Billy's laptop which is left open and warm on the other desk. Needless to say, I have to grab him from there, too, because Billy's computer has been sabotaged too often by kitty paw keystrokes!
Ginger*:) said…
But don't you love the fuzziness? It has to be so satisfying for our animal friends to be nearby while we work. Henry has taken over my little studio area carpet and when he leaves the studio to check things out at the front door, he leaves the warmest spot for bare feet to tread. Wait... there he goes again, launching himself up the stairs to the front door.
Awwwww. And just to make it even harder to move her, she's probably purring, right? Boy they're smart! :o)
Maureen Hume said…
My little rescued bunny, Elliot, has claimed the space under my writing desk and has no qualms about head butting my ankles if I dare to put a foot too close to 'his' space. Scooching in comfortably is impossible, but I wouldn't change a thing.
So, I'm not alone!
Gotta luv 'em!

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