Kirkus Closing

The standard in book reviews, Kirkus, is closing. (Nielsen is also shutting down 'Editor & Publisher.')
     Okay, they had a reputation as the snarky reviewers. And they even let publishers pay them for reviews. Hm. But it was probably inevitable that Kirkus would close since so many newspapers have closed their book review sections and blog reviewers have become so prolific. But I'm bummed.
     It's the death of a standard, an institution. When I got into this business, I set bars in place by which I would grade my success. Getting a starred review from Kirkus was one of those bars. And now I'll never have the chance to jump it.
     But truly, bloggers have replaced the need. And blog reviewers are most often unpaid, passionate readers writing about what they love. You can't get a more honest opinion than that.
     Want to follow some great online children's book reviewers? Anastasia Suen has a great list at Blog Central: Children's Book Reviewers.

UPDATE!!! Looks like there may be a buyer to keep Kirkus alive!!! Book Magazine Kirkus Reviews Lives to Write Another Day

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