Wowsa - look at you guys GO!!!

Can you believe our stats here at!? We had over 6,000 hits on a recent Tuesday and we've been floating close to that number ever since! Many, much, big-o thanks to all my loyal followers!!
     It seems only a few months ago I was wondering when my stats would grow to over 2,000 hits a day. But I'm learning that stats don't move by slow increments - they exponentially jump. In other words, rather than struggling around 2,000, the stats quickly doubled and then tripled. Wow.
     Another fun thing to do is look up the ranking on ://urlfan - ranks #119,109 out of 3,783,534 websites! I'd say that's pretty darned good, yah?
     So THANK YOU for sharing my books and my coloring pages with your friends and family!!! Ho, ho, ho indeed!

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