Winsor McCay

Go check out some of the "Little Nemo" comic pages by Winsor McCay archived at The Comic Strip Library ... Wow. Looks like he may have inspired Sendak and Van Allsburg, hm. And that poor Little Nemo just can't stop falling out of his bed! Just make sure you have some time to kill, you'll want to look around for a while.

Thanks to Christine Tripp for the heads up!


Kristin Tubb said...

So cool! Thanks for sharing,e! Mr. McKay toured vaudeville for awhile, and he makes a cameo appearance in my next book, Selling Hope (set on the vaudeville circuit). Serendipity! :)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Very cool Kristin! :) e

J. E. Morris said...

Winsor McCay is great. A while back someone put out a tabloid size book of all the Nemo comics. I was lucky enough to find a library with a copy and spent the whole afternoon looking through them. Here's the book on Amazon.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Oh, wouldn't I love to have that! But it is muy expensive. Hm. Wish list!