Motorcycle Rally Support

One of the amazing things about the Iron Butt Rally is the incredible support people have shown to my hubbie all over the US. People have offered phone numbers, road assistance, trailers (just in case), you name it. His facebook page (which I am updating with his progress while he rides) is covered with good wishes and congratulations.
     And how's this for sweet? When Stan pulled into the second check point in Jacksonville, Florida, this sign was waiting for him... It's his facebook avatar and his tongue-in-cheek motorcycle nickname (most of them have one). I tell ya, when you travel all 48 states in 11 days, friends come out from all over. What an awesome, awesome thing.
     So, he's off to Los Angeles, the last leg of the rally. Then will head back home at a much more leisurely pace. Iron Butt indeed. Here's a great shot Larry Woodall got of my hubs:

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