QR Codes - the Coolest thing EVAH!

OMG. So I generated a QR code for dulemba.com at Kerem Erkan's QR Cod and 2D Code Generator, and I got this:

Then I installed the Qrafter - QR Code Reader app from iTunes onto my iPhone. With it, I scanned my QR code and up popped.... the URL to my website with a direct link!!!!
     Can you imagine the possibilities??? Scanning bar codes (or these new fancy QR codes) is becoming the wave of the future to instantly access more information about the products we buy. So, I can add my QR code to my bookmarks and postcards and VOILA! People will be able to instantly access my website by scanning my handouts. HOW COOL IS THAT?
     Want to try it for yourself? Download the app, then scan my QR code - right here on your computer screen. Click the URL and you'll be able to visit dulemba.com on you cell phone too. Groovy!!


cg said...

Yes, aren't they just amazing?! Imagine the possibilities! Have you seen the pillows with QR codes cross-stitched on them? Amazing. You could send a card with one on it and then the scan will take the recipient to a special web page...all so easy now!

Joanna said...

Wow. that is amazing!! I didn't
try it but maybe I will sometime -
I'm not very good at getting such

Shelsie17 said...

Interesting idea! Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Michelle @ http://litchatkids.blogspot.com