My novel takes flight...

My mid-grade novel is going to publishers. Yup. Two and a half years worth of work - finally heading out the door. My agent emailed me while I was on vacation in Seattle. I knew she'd be getting back to me soon, but wasn't sure if it would be a 'sign off' or another revision request. I was beyond thrilled to read it was the first!
     So now my baby is on its way into the world, to stand on its own, to be judged objectively and with luck, found to be worthy. Send good vibes!


Karen Strong said…
How exciting! I hope to hear good news soon. :)

You should be so proud of this milestone.
COngratulations!! How cool is that!?! ~jeni :)
Anonymous said…
Good vibes and congratulations on your novel!

Joanna McDonald said…
Congrats are in order!! That is
exciting news!!
Sarah said…
Kudos, Elizabeth!!
Shelsie17 said…
Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about it soon!

Michelle @

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