Save Our Libraries

10 Ways Libraries Matter in a Digital Age.
     A few weeks back I received an email from New York City librarian, Michelle Marcus. She's the Children's Librarian at the Windsor Park Library, and like so many libraries and librarians in our country, her library and her job is threatened by budget cuts.
     The short-sightedness of these cuts is enough to make me fear for our future. Libraries do so much more than encourage literacy - which would be reason enough to keep them. And the children who treasure their libraries often end up being some of our proudest success stories as a nation. Children need libraries!!
     Michelle shared a picture of her patrons' creative pleas to let their library survive! (Click the image to see it larger.)

     Is your library in trouble too? Please feel free to share my "Save the Library" image with your patrons like Michelle did. (I'd love to post yours too!) Click here to go see its original post, why I created it (for yet another NYC librarian), and download the image to share with your library.
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