12 June 2011

Skype Visit with Bonner Elementary

A few weeks back I enjoyed a Virtual Visit with Miss Emily's elementary class all the way up in Minnesota. Hi Guys!
     That's what's so awesome about Skype visits - they didn't have to fly me in and yet we were still able to share lots of fun information together. It also filled a technology requirement for the school. This was the view from my end:

     Did you know that many authors and illustrators offer 10 to 15 minute Skype visits for free (including me). You can find them at:

     Interested in asking me to speak to your students via Skype? While a short visit is free, I do ask for a few things up front:

1) Students I speak to have read at least three of my books. (You can see my titles at http://dulemba.com/index_books.html.)

2) Students have spent some time in my website learning about me and my books to provide informed questions. http://dulemba.com

3) The students and/or teachers have prepared questions prior to the chat, and somebody hangs around for tech backup (you may need your cell phone).

4) I can use a screen capture of the visit to promote my Skype visits on my blog.

If all that sounds okay to you, I'd be happy to virtually stop by! And remember, I also do one-hour Skype visits for $250 as well as in-person visits. More information is available at http://dulemba.com/index_visits.html.


Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

These are excellent suggestions for making the Skype visit pay off in many ways!


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