Motorcycle Rally - the Departure

Every now and then I mention that my hubbie is a long-distance motorcyclist. Well, he's off on the grandest long distance motorcycle adventure of them all - the Iron Butt Rally.
     I know, I know. But it's a well-earned title. Here's why they call it that... every other year, 100 motorcyclists circle the country - doing 11,000 miles in 11 days (each). Thing is, this year it starts in Seattle, Washington. So the hubs left Sunday morning (from Atlanta, Georgia) to ride to Seattle. Then he'll begin the actual ride - all the way around the USA, ending in Los Angeles, California. Then he'll ride home.
     Needless to say, this is a huge, big honkin' deal and we've been breathing nothing but motorcycles around here since January. He can't post much from the road (rally rules), so I'll be doing my own little update here.
     Day 1: Atlanta to Nashville, to St. Louis, to Kansas City (not sure where he's planning on stopping yet, but he was crossing the Mississippi River when I last spoke to him via blue tooth in his helmet).
     Here's Stan on his monster beast...


That is awesome!! I can't even imagine riding that far and that long...I can totally appreciate the name! LOL. And what a beautiful bike hubby and I both ride BMWs...just not that far!
How cool! I wonder if there's some kind of overlap in the children's book, stamping, and motorcycle world. Hmmmm! :) e
Joanna McDonald said…
WOW! I can't imagine riding that
long on a motorcycle or even a
car!! He sure has a good looking
adriang said…
Awesome! I hope to be with him in 2013. I begin my endurance riding on 6/25 at the Maryland 1000. Keep us informed. Do you know where I can follow? Good luck, thanks
Adrian, It's a private link right now. And I'm not sure he plans to do this every time. It's been quite all-encompassing! :)
I know how sore one's butt can get on a motorcycle. My husband and I road a big Suzuki all the way to the Grand Canyon and points West in early October a LONG time ago. We almost froze to death in Buffalo, WY.
This is so amazing! Can't wait to hear the updates!
TonyaKaye said…
Love the BMW! My hubby and a friend from Georgia .. rode to California last year. He stopped here in KC to pick hubby and another friend then off they went. They were gone 4 days.. Their quick version of Iron Butt! RIDE SAFE!
Mary G. said…
Way to go!! My limit is about 8-9 hours on my bike. I have a very comfy bike, it's just I need to build up my endurance! DH could probably do it- he rode to Sturgis 2 years ago and they rode 1,000 mile days to get there.

Will be watching for updates! Thanks!

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