Awesome last minute Christmas Gifts for the Writer in your life

Here's the PERFECT gift for the writer in your life... AquaNotes!

Put away the china marker or lipstick you've been using to write on your shower walls. AquaNotes has you covered - and they're not that expensive!
Thanks to Tara Lazar for the heads up!

Fingerless Alpaca gloves from The Animal Rescue Site. For all those days when you have to keep typing, but your office is COLD. This particular mitt is currently out of stock, but these are the ideal to shoot for if you search elsewhere for fingerless gloves.

Sound blocking headphones. If you're workspace is like mine (in my home), you probably hate the sound of weed eaters. Arghhhhh! How is a writer supposed to concentrate with all that high-pitched whirring going on??? Many companies make earphones like this, and there's now a new earbud style, but Bose is your starting point...

Alpaca Socks (these are from Alpaca Mall). These are much softer than bunny slippers. Have you discovered the joy of writing in Alpaca socks yet? Ahhhhhh!!!

A coffee/tea/hot chocolate cup warmer. This one plugs right into your USB port! (The regular plug-in kind is cheap and you can buy them anywhere.) Because no writer wants to interrupt their creative flow by having to go heat up their cup o' Joe!

A fuzzy throw blanket. Joy doesn't come cheaper than this. Fuzzy throws are great for curling up with while writing or reading a good book. These fuzzies from Target are an easy gift! (Fun solid colors are available HERE.)

So, if you have a writer in your life in need of a last-minute gift, I hope these give you some ideas!

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