Good tidings...

I love the holiday season and this year some happenings have made it extra special. Yesterday my cousins (and children to my cousins) gathered for our annual cookie decorating party - mostly a slimy, sugar fest. Although the kids are starting to get older and a little more careful with where the frosting flies.

     At the pool, I swim with a baritone singer who adores the acoustics in the pool room. And we adore hearing him sing Christmas carols as we come up for air. Makes me smile.
     For Christmas Eve we'll be celebrating the Feast of the Seven Fishes with our friends and neighbors. This is a fairly new tradition (as of last year) and we are enjoying it thoroughly! A bit of Italian tradition thrown in with our own!
     And Christmas Day will be a gathering of family and gifts galore for the youngest ones (and the fuzzies). Not a bad holiday! I hope you and yours have a lovely one to!!

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