GREAT holiday gift ideas!

Sometimes the publishers I represent in my giveaways have book-ish products to share too. Since we are officially into the holiday shopping window, I thought I'd share some of the stars...

From Chronicle comes this awesome kit of punch-out shapes, which you can use to make the coolest monsters! It's all I could do to not rip this open and start playing with it. But no, it's got my little cousin's name ALL OVER it!!!! Is this not adorable!?

From Candlewick comes a mini-animation theater for your budding artist - also using, you guessed it, MONSTERS!!! I would have adored this as a kid! Heck, I love it now. And what a great introduction to animation this is!

If that's not enough, here's an easy gift idea: DRAGONOLOGY. Also from Candlewick, I don't know a kid alive who wouldn't want to pour through this awesome tome with all its scaly details!

So, if you've got some little ones in your life who need some really cool gifts, any of these will steer you straight! All are available through your local bookseller (try them first!) and online resources.

(DRAGONOLOGY. Text and Design Copyright © 2003 by The Templar Company. Illustrations Copyright © 2003 by Wayne Anderson, Douglas Carrel, and Helen Ward. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.)

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