Photo Shoot Time!

So yesterday I had a photo shoot with Vania of VLC Productions down around the lake in Avondale Estates. It was time. At one of my last school visits, we got to the bio page and a sweet, darling, precious little boy said, "Is that supposed to be you? It doesn't look like you!" Grrrr.
     Okay, fine. So my hair wasn't as gray back then. Pah! I think it looked like me! But of course, in my head I haven't aged. And my publisher needs a photo for the print version of A BIRD ON WATER STREET (May release). They would have been okay with an older photo, but I'm not the sort of author who wants to stay 30 on my jacketflap through the end of time, so - photo shoot time.
     Enter Vania. She's becoming THE PR kit person in the south for PB, MG, and YA creators. She made the photo shoot easy, even though I hate having my picture taken. It's so awkward. But it happens a lot in this biz, so you learn a few tricks. You know... Butt away from the camera, head forward, the lower you are in front of the lense - the less chin. (People often ask, "Why are you leaning forward" when I pose with them in photos. I'm like, 'trust me.')
     And my bud Vicky Alvear Shecter dropped by to tell jokes while I was striking a pose. So the smiles are real.
     I think we might have gotten some decent ones. I'll share when I can.

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