The photos are in!

Here's a new me for the new year! And for that 8-year-old at a recent school visit who didn't think I looked like the person on my jacketflap since my hair has, *ahem*, changed color... the photo shoot was a success!
     My bud, Vicky Alvear Shecter showed up and kept me in smiles during that incredibly awkward event of having my picture taken. Gads, I hate having my picture taken!
     But Vania Stoyanova of VLC Productions made it easy. She took over a hundred photos of me - about 18 of which were completely usable, which was a surprise. Usually photos of me are mid-wacky-expression. (I get quite animated when I'm 'on.') It can take an entire roll to get one photo I can share. Goes to prove how good Vania is.
     I narrowed my choices down to three photos to give folks options to use for my speaking engagements. The humble shot (my fave), the 'I know what I'm talking about' shot, the 'no really, I know what I'm talking about - and I'm friendly too' shot. And here they are! One is perfect for jacketflaps, and the others will work for conferences, festivals, and teaching gigs. I'm so pleased. Vania made me look like a real writer! Don't cha think?
     If you live in the Atlanta area and are also in need of author photos - I can't recommend Vania enough! And she also does book trailers, social media strategy, and helps market new books! She's a good person to know!


Sarah Lamstein said…
I like the one on the bottom, Elizabeth, with your hands folded. It's both beautiful and professional.
Thanks Sarah! :) e
Ashley said…
The photos are in...and they are spectacular. You are GORGEOUS and you look like a writer. What could be better for the rest of us normal writers?
Unknown said…
Just beautiful!
Seeing these, I'm sorry I don't live in Atlanta! They are quite lovely. I like them all.
Granmargaret said…
Lovely photos
You are lovely, e!
You guys are so kind - thank you!!! :) e
Borqna said…
You look fab and happy!
Good luck!
Thanks so much Borqna! :)

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