My friend and creator of BRAIN BURPS ABOUT BOOKS podcast, Katie Davis and her talented husband Jerry have a new ebook out just in time for Christmas. It's called LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS and is a follow up to the adorable LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY. Remember when I interviewed her?
     Well, in typical Katie style, this is no ordinary book and no ordinary book launch! In fact, she's created a Launch Team. And she stopped by to tell us about both...

Q. Hi Katie, welcome back to and congratulations on LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS! How did this story come about?
Jerry: Katie was brow beating me ;)
Katie: Cute, honey. Actually, Our kids always ask us what we want for our birthdays or holidays. The thing is, they never believe our answer which is that we REALLY do love it when they make something, a piece of art or a poem, rather than buying something. It always has so much more meaning. But that's on a parent level.
Jerry: What I love about Little Chicken is he has a lot of attitude. He'll go along with what his mom needs to do, but his patience wears thin in about a nanosecond. I think that works on the kid level. So we played that attitude against the backdrop of the holiday bustle. And with the reveal that Little Chicken's impatience comes from a purely loving and selfless place, we get to underscore the importance of giving and expressing love during the holiday season, no matter how crazy things get. That seemed like a good reason to do a book!

Q. Is it fun to collaborate with your husband Jerry?
A. It makes it a lot easier, that's for sure! I'm amazed at how good he is at both the writing and the vision of keeping Little Chicken in character - keeping his sassiness in the right places, and balancing the rhythm of the quiet pages and the dialogue pages. Our process goes like this: he writes the first draft (the first drafts *I* see). I make suggestions, he tweaks, and back and forth we go. Then I start drawing. He makes suggestions, then *I* tweak, and back and forth we go. And so on. Until it's time to go outside for feedback, meaning from our agent, then critiquers, and an editor.

Q. Little Chicken is so cute. I know children relate to him and I love the story twist at the end - so sweet! Who inspired Little Chicken?
A. Our two kids are both funny and irreverent. Since they were born. Little Chicken, if I had to say, is a cross between them and Bugs Bunny.

Q. So you're doing something new with LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS, releasing it as an ebook before Christmas and lining up a team of people to help spread the word. (You are the marketing maven after all.) How has that worked? Tell us more!
A. So far it's been an amazing experiment! I looked at this as a reciprocal opportunity: for others to learn how to launch a book and learn from my mistakes, missteps, and successes, and for me to see if an effort like this would work.
      The first step was for Jerry and me to choose which platform we'd use to publish. After much hand-wringing, research, and weighing of variables, we chose the Kindle. All the reasons and research will be shared in the Q&A webinar I offered to my launch team as one of the thank you gifts for their support.
      Then there was a very short time for people to join me on this adventure. I was thrilled when 120 people signed up. They received review copies and were asked to submit honest reviews. It was important to me that they wrote what they actually thought because otherwise, it means nothing and no one would believe the reviews anyway. As a thank you, I offered many valuable thank you gifts, including a chance at a guest spot on my podcast, Brain Burps About Books, which is a great promotional opportunity, or an hour consultation (which I usually charge for). I also offered a whole bunch of other goodies, but what *I* thought was most valuable was a chance to follow along in this experiment and see first hand what would happen. The best thing is the wrap up in January - that private Q&A webinar with my teammates to share the results of the numbers, the steps and strategies taken, which were successful and which fell flat. Team members will be able to apply them to their own launches.
      I'm going to do this again using what I learn this time and gather a new team when I launch the second edition of My eBook, How to Promote Your Children's Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller. It's been re-written with a ton of new content and chapters, and will include information on this experience as well as lots more. So if your readers are interested, I'll be announcing it on all my social media platforms: my Site, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, My Podcast, and it will again have a limited signup time.

Q. How can my readers enjoy their own copy of LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS?
A. The good news is, for a limited time, starting December 5th, if you buy it and submit your receipt to you will get a gift with every purchase: a downloadable Write Your Own Coloring Book version of the book! If you buy three or more copies (you can give them as Christmas gifts, after all!) you will also get a $10 discount coupon for any of my products for writers at
      The link to get Little Chicken's Big Christmas is : If you don't have a Kindle, you can still get it because there's a free Kindle for Mac app available right on that page which you can download for your iPad, laptop, or desktop.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Katie also has a coloring pages, a Little Chicken mask, bookmark, and coloring bookmark you can download: CLICK HERE!
And check out this sweet book trailer!

Katie has graciously agreed to give one free copy of LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS to one of my lucky commenters. (Keep in mind this will be a free ebook.) Enter below!
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I'd share with my nieces and nephews

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This sounds like a cute book. I would share it with my kids.