Blog hop to Darcy Pattison's Fiction Notes - GIVEAWAY!

We've still got more for the Southern Appalachian Book Tour for A BIRD ON WATER STREET. Today's stop is at Darcy Pattison's, Fiction Notes. I talk about "Editing (a.k.a. Puzzle Building)" all about revision. Here's a peek:
"But I had put A BIRD ON WATER STREET in a drawer, after what I know now, was only a handful of rejections. Pah! Maybe it was for the best, though. As the manuscript sat, I grew in my craft. I studied and wrote and became a better writer. I knew that someday I’d go back to the story and would tackle it with objective and more skilled eyes, which is exactly what happened."
     And one of the commenters at Darcy's blog will win a FREE, signed and dedicated copy of A BIRD ON WATER STREET! Especially if you're in the thick of your own revisions, I hope you'll hop on over to read the entire post and enter to win!

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