Friday Linky List - May 2, 2014

This week's links:

Via SwissMiss:
At National Geographic - "Are Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hours of Practice Really All You Need?"

At Co.Design - "10 Crucial Lessons From History's Greatest Graphic Designers"

At BrainPickings - "Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives" - interesting!

I was interviewed recently at Sub It Club about postcard mailings, but I was also very interested in Brooke Boynton Hughes' interview - she wowed everybody's socks off at SCBWI New York

Via Betsy Bird's Fuse #8
At Malinda Lo - "Should White People Write ABout People of Color?"

At The Uncommon Corps - "Compare & Contrast"

At Fuse #8 - Video Sunday: Met the ghost of David Wiesner at the Hotel Paradise... I'm linking to this one for the audio of the Children's Literary Salon.

At CBC Diversity via Mitali Perkins - Brave insights from Yolanda Scott on editing across cultures

From Stanford News - Stanford study fins walking improves creativity (Coulda told you that! Showers work too.)

From EMU's Debuts - The Real Importance of Conferences. I SO agree!!!

From Nathan Bransford - Can publishers change from funnels to megaphones? Exactly.

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