This is how you party in the mountains...

Saturday's Copperhill event for A BIRD ON WATER STREET turned out to be a very wet affair, but that didn't stop the celebration! Please indulge me on a more personal side of the Southern Appalachian Book Tour...
     After the Copperhill wash-out and a stop at the Ducktown Basin Museum, a small group of friends joined us at the family cabin for an "unwind" party. Stan picked up BBQ from Joe's (just voted #3 in the nation!) and we ate, talked our heads off, and swapped more crazy stories than could fit in a dozen books.

     Most of the names you'll recognize from the tour—Doris Abernathy, Lisa and Seu Jacobi, Dale Wagner, with the added bonus of my cousins, the Lahood family.

Even Bernie seemed to be enjoying himself (he's a shy fuzzy).

     Best of all, we were able to talk Lisa into playing for us, so we had a full-on mini Bluegrass concert as she shared the stories behind the songs she played on guitar, mandolin and banjo.

What a rare and wonderful treat the evening was.

     Truly, the entire day, rain and all, goes on my short list as one of the best days of my life - hands down!
     The crazy thing is, I'm not done yet! There's still one more event to do at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina on Monday evening. I'll give you that wrap-up on Wednesday!


Lisa Jacobi said...

The Folk School should be the creme de la creme! Your history presentation combined with author readings from your book is one of the highlights of this year when it comes to enjoyment, smarts, culture. We are so fortunate to be a part of your circle. Thank you Elizabeth & Stan!

Lisa, Joe & Seu Jane Jacobi

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

I can't wait for tonight! We're going to have a blast all over again! :) e