Blog hop to Janice Hardy's Fiction University - GIVEAWAY!!

Today's Southern Appalachian Book Tour visit for A BIRD ON WATER STREET is at Janice Hardy's, Fiction University, to discuss "How To Tackle a Story That Is Bigger Than You."
"Over a decade ago I found myself in a small wood-paneled room surrounded by a crowd of angry people I didn’t know. Well, I knew two of them. My husband, and the new friend I’d made when we moved to the small mountain community, who invited us to the meeting. . . . I sat with my mouth open wondering what I had stumbled into. I didn’t choose to write A BIRD ON WATER STREET that night. I was chosen to."
     And one of the commenters at Janice's blog will win a FREE, signed and dedicated copy of A BIRD ON WATER STREET! I hope you'll hop on over to read more!

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