Class Rep

One of the many things that the University of Edinburgh does very well is check in with the students regularly to make sure everything is going okay. They do this through an incredible support system of tutors, advisors, and student representation. I've recently become part of the support structure in this last capacity. Along with Ann-Kathrin Müller, who is the class rep for all our MA & MFA1 Illustration students, I am the MFA2 Illustration class rep.
     At my level as a post-graduate student, that is not a tremendous job - there are only four of us including myself (26 total between the MAs and MFAs 1 and 2). But for the undergrads, that can sometimes mean representing over 200 students - being their voice – and that is no small task. Training teaches us how to listen, then objectively and anonymously share topics with advisors.
     Being a class representative is also a nice responsibility to share on one's resume. For an undergrad, that can be a big deal. Granted, at my stage in life I don't need the resume help so much (I’m an older student). But it is nice to be a person students feel comfortable coming to as needed. Click the logo to learn more.

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