What I'm Working On: Dissertation

It's backwards here in the UK - you write a Dissertation for your Masters and a Thesis for your PhD. So, I am in the thick of writing my Dissertation. No play time for me!
     My title is, "Comparing and Contrasting a Decade of the US Randolph Caldecott And UK Kate Greenaway Medal Children's Books to Identify Trends, Similarities and Differences Between the US and UK Markets." And it is fascinating. I am learning so much by really examining these titles and seeing how they are presented to their respective markets. You may be familiar with the Caldecotts...
     But how about the Greenaways? This is the equivalent award for the UK.
     Probably the coolest discovery I've made so far is the difference between the overall color palettes. Check this out - the US Caldecotts are on the left - the UK Greenaways are on the right.
Is that not the coolest? It's so fun to talk about!
      That's just a taste of what I'm learning. It's also why you'll only be seeing the top of my head for most of this term as I lean over reading, studying, and writing, writing, writing.


Whoa, that is cool! Will you be exploring what you think the different palate's mean or indicate about each society?
Hi E, Are you examining only the covers? What about when covers are changed with re-prints etc? Hard cover vs paperback? I'm full of questions and think what you're looking is really interesting. I'm trying to put together a proposal myself for some post-graduate work and if you'd like to meet up, let me know. I'll be in Edinburgh for the good-by party on the 30th of this month if that is any good?
Vicky, Some, yes! Robbie, I'll be doing the whole books. Give me an email and let's see if we can work out a time! :) e
Margi Glanville said…
Elizabeth thank you so much for sharing ......I've recently joined a Children's Picture Book Club, and did an amazing amount of research looking for books considered to be excellent in the field of Illustration. For the first time ever I was more concerned with the actual illustrations as opposed to the story line.....six of our eight members have either illustrated picture books which have been published or are busy illustrating books. For my own collection of children's books I now have , 'A sick day for Amos McGee and 'Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears.' And I was delighted to see you had chosen these two books amongst others. I love reading your blog. Strength and good wishes......Margi.
Thanks Margi! And have fun with your club! Cheers, e

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