Why so quiet? Formative Reviews Time!

Have you wondered why I've not shared a big outing, meal or adventure of late? It's because it's time for formative reviews. We're already half way through our fall semester (can you believe it!?) and this is a marker for how we students are doing.
     Monday I turned in what I have so far of my dissertation. Must admit, I geeked out and overwrote my topic. But this will be the only opportunity I have for my tutor to actually see and comment on my work specifically before the actual deadline. Academic writing is new to me, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can at this stage.
     The other formative review is for my studio course. Here's what my desk looks like as I type.
     We aren't allowed in the studio as our tutors go over our projects to see what we've been up to. Here, I'm showing five projects along with some outside projects. (I have two volunteer positions going on - one for Authors for Refugees and I'm also the class rep this year.)
     None of my projects are complete at this stage, but they're all coming along quite well. I'm pleased.
     But I'm also antsy. I have so much to do! I need back in my studio with all my stuff so that I can keep working!

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