Train Ride to Cupar

I've got another story which will take several posts to cover! My friends Karin and Antti invited the Fabulous Four to their sweet flat in Cupar. Karin graduated with her MA at the end of the summer, but happily she is still at the Uni as Artist-in-Residence. So, really we're the Fabulous FIVE! Karin invited us all up for a leisurely Sunday gathering. So, off to our friendly Waverly train station we went.
     I've shown you photos before, but here were some funny things I noticed this time, like this trash train. (This isn't the train we took!) I know it's only rubbish, but isn't this totally cute? I would have loved to jump in that engine car and spun around in this when I was a kid.
When the train arrives, we have to sometimes wait while they run through it and clean it and such. You know it's okay to get on when the button lights up. You push the button to open the door. There's a lot of pushing buttons on trains, and anybody who knows me, knows how I LOVE to push buttons! (See Stan in the reflection?)
     So, Cupar is in the Kingdom of Fife - just shy of St. Andrews. In fact, we took the same train as to St. Andrews, but this time it was sunny. It made a difference!

Boris said he saw seals on the way up, although I have yet to spot any.

The lovely ride up got us to the sweet town of Cupar - more coming soon...

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