More Friends Come to Visit

We have so enjoyed all the friends who have come to visit us here in Edinburgh! Recently, we had our first couple stay in the guest room, Brad and Lisa Waggoner. Our wee flat with the two bedrooms and one bathroom worked FINE! Granted, Brad and Lisa are good friends and very easy.
     Sadly, they weren't here for very long. They had been giving a dog training week-long session in Sutton (?) beforehand, via their now international Cold Nose College (where we trained our doggie, Bernie), and were off to Ireland afterwards. Since I'm in the thick of studies, I didn't have much time to play during the day. Still, Brad and Lisa had time to wander during a day, and we had two nice dinners. This one was at one of our fave pubs, The Ox - just down the street.
And they bought us a thank-you dinner the night before at our go-to for guests, just up the street, The Educated Flea. Twas lovely.
     Here's hoping they come to visit again, as they'll be back soon to teach more doggies!

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